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Volume I

Sure Shot Diagnostics, Volume One, "Introduction to the Basics", is a simple how-to guide to performing high quality x-ray exams. Three CD programlearn to xray program

  • Basic X-ray Equipment Operations and Functions.
  • Radiation Protection
  • Technique
  • Darkroom Film Processing


Volume II

Anatomical Positioning:

Learn to x-ray
Learn to x-ray
Learn to x-ray
Upper Extremities:
A step by step guide to successfully position the patient in over 7 x-ray exams, 22 x-ray positions.


  • Fingers/Thumb (3 views)
  • Hand (3 views)
  • Wrist (3 views)
  • Elbow (3 views)
  • Forearm (2 views)
  • Humerus (2 views)
  • Shoulder (2 views)

Lower Extremities:
A step by step guide to successfully position 7 x-ray exams, 18 x-ray positions.

  • Toes (3 views)
  • Foot (3 views)
  • Tibia/Fibula (2 views)
  • Knee (3 views)
  • Femur (3 views)
  • Hips (2 views)

Chest X-Ray Exam:
Describes the various approaches to performing the chest x-ray exam successfully.

This section covers: PA view, Lateral view and AP view (upright, semi-upright and supine).


Volume III

Advanced X-ray Positioning:

This volume demonstrates 10 EXAMS and over 30 POSITIONS. An easy to understand step by step guide to correctly perform these exams. The only type of program available today in DVD format.


This section covers:

  • Skull (4 views)
  • Cervical Spine
  • Thoracic Spine
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Clavicle (2 views)
  • Ribs (3 views)
  • Abdomen (upright)
  • KUB (1 view)
  • Pelvis (1 view)
  • Sinuses. (3 views)


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